THS Productions started in 2008 and has been consistently growing its service portfolio with each second of the day. THS Productions is owned and operated by Tony, who is the lead photographer. Tony has always had a deep passion for creating art and networking with other passionate creatives. Tony studied Mass Communications with a focus in Film and Television. After completing those college courses, the idea to expand THS Productions was born. THS Productions offers several services and is proud to continually grow its technique.

The Services include:
Photography | Retouching | Videography | Streaming Service | Disc Jockey (DJ)
MUA | Social or Media Management | Graphic Design | Branding/Event Apparel | Content Creator

The service list is ever growing due to demand and the willingness to work and grow everyone’s needs to create. THS Productions also takes pride in being a strong and reliable source for resources. THS Productions aims to be a one-stop-shop because if THS Productions can’t assist with your request directly, you can best-believe we know someone who can.
Thank You So Much for visiting and we hope you book a service today!